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Toilet Parts 101

What Makes Up the Inside of your Toilet?

Toilet Parts and their functions





Every homeowner has at least 2 toilets in their home. The first thing you see when you look at a toilet is the tank. Inside that tank are many toilet parts that make up your toilet and make it function properly. The toilet handle is just the outside toilet part that you can see. Did you know that there are 12 parts that make up the inside of your toilet?

Here are some of the parts explained.


Toilet Handle 

The toilet part that  is commonly broken is the toilet handle, it is the part of the toilet that is used the most and might eventually break over time multiple times. There are 3 different types of toilet handles;  Front Mount, Side Mount, or Angle Mount. The front mount is the most common type of handle it is in the very front of the toilet usually on the top left hand corner. The side mount handle comes out of the side of the toilet tank. These are less common but you should still be able to get this part at any hardware or home repair store. The angle mount is usually when a toilet tank is not rectangular in shape but has some type of shape to it and the handle comes off the back wall at a 45 degree.


Toilet Chain

The toilet chain is connected to the arm handle and the flapper and looks like the picture below



An old toilet flapper can cause a toilet to run. This part is made of rubber and it can break down over time. Once this plastic is worn out it will not form a tight seal  to stop the flow of water. Flappers are an inexpensive part of the toilet and can be replaced easily. It is connected the to the toilet chain that pulls up the flapper allowing the water to drain in and out.


Flush Valve

A flush valve is the part inside the tank of the toilet that moves the water into the bowl. Toilet flush valves come in different sizes from 2” to 4” depending on the manufacturing of the toilet. If you have replaced your flapper because of a running toilet and it still makes the same noise chances are you need to replace your flush valve as well. There are 5 different types of flush valves; Standard flush valve, 3″ flush valve,tower style 3″ flush valve,4″ flush valve, or a dual flush valve.



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