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Kitchen Faucet Aerator

Have low water pressure? Could Be Your Faucet Aerator.

Simple ways to unclog your kitchen faucet aerator


Faucet aerators come in all shapes and sizes, they are mostly located in kitchen faucets and laboratory faucets.  Having low water pressure doesn’t mean that you have a weak water flow  from your faucet. Sometimes you might have to check for a clogged faucet aerator, which is a quick and easy fix.


First in order to take apart your aerator you will need a set of pliers shown below 



Take your pliers and wrap them with some tape to help scratching your faucet aerator. You are going to want to Unscrew the aerator from the faucet and remove all components.



Take each part and clean it, there might be calcium build up causing the water pressure to slow down. This will always be the first step of a clogged faucet , is taking apart the faucet aerator.


This should help the low water pressure that is coming out of your faucet. If after you put the parts back together and notice that even with hot or cold water the water pressure is still the same, then you might have a deeper problem that will need the assistance of a professional plumber. He will be able to take apart your faucet completely to determine what is the cause of the low water pressure.




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