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Sunshine Plumbing of South Florida Inc is Broward county’s #1 choice for plumber toilet repair. Since Eric Ball founded Sunshine Plumbing, our expert team of plumbers, including Eric himself- have installed and repaired thousands of toilets. We know that this essential piece of equipment is actually quite fragile and we always recommend a professional toilet repair to ensure the fastest and most effective fix. 


Why Hire A Plumber To Repair Your Toilet 

Since toilets are such a ubiquitous household item, many people do not realize what a complex appliance they really are. The first reason that it is best to hire a professional plumber is that they will be able to assess what the real problem is. Many common “toilet problems” can be caused by a variety of different issues. You may go through all the trouble of purchasing replacement parts and repairing your toilet only to find that the problem was something else entirely. The experts at Sunshine Plumbing know exactly what to look for and run a gamut of tests to ensure we find and fix the root of the problem.  

Even if you are able to accurately ascertain the issue, the repair itself can be performed incorrectly leading to further issues. If you are removing a clog, you may only partially remove it, this will free up enough space for the toilet to function again, but it may fill slower or flush less efficiently. You are also likely to have a much worse clog develop quickly, causing more headaches in the long run. You may also overtighten a nut or valve. This can cause a crack in the plastic or porcelain which will cause a myriad of new problems.  

Using a professional plumber will end up saving you money as well. As we mentioned, improperly “fixing” your toilet can lead to even more costly problems down the line. You also don’t have to worry bout purchasing a ton of equipment and parts that may end up being useless. Sunshine Plumbing also is able to get replacement parts at wholesale prices as a professional plumbing company, and we pass these savings onto our customers. You also have to factor in the value of your time. A quick fix for an expert plumber can cost you hours in research, gathering supplies, and struggling through an unfamiliar repair. All-in-all, a professional Sunshine Plumbing team member is sure to save you time, money, and stress!


Additional Services Offered by Sunshine Plumbing

Sunshine Plumbing is Broward’s premier full-service plumbing provider. In addition to plumber toilet repair, we also offer: 

  • Water heater installation and repair
  • Drain cleaning
  • Leak detection and repair including slab leaks
  • Garbage disposal installation and repair
  • Faucet and sink installation and repair
  • And much more!

In addition, we also offer 24/7 emergency plumbing services, so you can rest assured that no matter the hour, Sunshine Plumbing has your back. 


We never sacrifice the integrity of our work and are sure to communicate fully with our clients every step of the way. We operate on the belief that a clean, complete, and cheerful plumber is the best plumber. Our South Florida neighbors seem to agree, as we have many repeat customers and a certified A rating on Angie’s List. To see why our loyal customers put their absolute trust in us when it comes to there plumbing needs, call us at (954) 476-1695 and schedule a visit from a Sunshine Plumber today!  

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