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Toilet Failure Solved with Sunshine!

Toilet Failure Solved with Sunshine!

Toilet failure always seems to strike at the worst times! Call Sunshine Plumbing today to have us come take a look!

The question we want to help figure out first is if your toilet failure is something that can be resolved with a repair or a replacement. Most of the time repairs will be the most cost-effective route if the issue is something simpler, or to do with internal components within the toilet fill tank.

However, there are always situations in which the toilet failure is too far gone to be resolved with a simple repair. In these instances, replacement is highly recommended. Sunshine Plumbing has the people and resources to get the inspection done quickly and on to determine the next steps so you don’t have to deal with toilet failure for long.

Our Plumbers know how to properly inspect, diagnose, repair, or replace your toilet seat. Besides experience and training, another big part of this is actually the tools. Using improper tools, or even the correct tools improperly can cause damages to the installation of your new hardware and should be left to professionals.

Our professional plumbers make sure every detail, down to the proper tightness of the bolts on your new toilet is installed properly. Too loose and your toilet can wobble around- or even break off! Too tight and you can crack the base of the toilet. If you’re worried about installing your own toilet, we offer this service as well. Our professionals at Sunshine Plumbing have been dealing with toilets for over 10 years, and no job is too big or too small.

There are a variety of other plumbing issues that can occur at your home or place of business, and we are more than happy to offer a variety of other services other than toilet repair at Sunshine Plumbing, including:

  • Leak Detection and Repair
  • Slab leaks
  • Water heater installation and repair
  • Drain cleaning Faucet Installation and repairs
  • Kitchen sink repair
  • Garbage disposal installation and repairs

There are a few things you should also never do to your own toilet when you’re concerned about it operation. Never pour hot water down the drain to clear a clog. Never bang on or rock the toilet around. In fact, call the professionals!

Sunshine Plumbing is an accredited and insured family-owned business, and we care about serving our community by providing the most premiere toilet repair and plumbing experience. Serving all of Broward County cities including Cooper City, Davie, Hollywood, Pembroke Pines, Southwest Ranches, Tamarac, Coral Springs, Ft Lauderdale, Miramar, Plantation, Sunrise, and Weston, we are available 24 hours a day for any service including unplanned emergencies, please call today for a free estimate at 954-476-1695.

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