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Backed up Toilet

Backed up Toilet

A backed up toilet is everyone’s worst nightmare, but at some point or another, we all have to deal with it once. The only difference is that we may be dealing with varying degrees of stoppages. Sometimes a good plunging will help dislodge something from the pipes. Still, if something large enough and unnatural is flushed down, the backed up toilet can’t be easily handled with household items. It can also result in other serious issues like leaks, water overflowing, and more.


The toilet is by now an incredibly common and identifiable bathroom fixture that can be found in almost every building you enter. While on the outside, it might seem like a very simple device. The user uses a small handle to make the bowl’s water go down while the water in the reserve tank goes back into the bowl and so on. But the toilet has many small parts that are working in tandem to do its job. If one of these small parts were to become damaged, then the whole thing can stop functioning the way it’s supposed to.


A toilet has a few large parts that are visible to those interacting with it. This would be parts like the tank, seat and seat cover, base, and bowl. While on the inside, there are several smaller parts such as a refill tube, float, chain, the handle, flapper, tank o-ring seal, shut-off valve, wax seal, and floor flange. At the very least, these are what will commonly be encountered in a toilet. Other water-saving toilets or “smart” ones may look a little different or include things like censors so they can flush on their own without the need for a handle.


Plumbing experts know the ins and outs of toilets as well as other kitchen or bath fixtures. This way, you don’t really have to know what all these parts do and where they’re located. That’s what professionals are for. After all, if you attempt to make repairs on your own, the results might be disastrous.


The next time you have a backed up toilet, do yourself a favor and contact the licensed and knowledgeable team at Sunshine Plumbing of South Florida Inc. They can handle every general plumbing issue as well as leak detections and repairs, slab leaks, water heater installation and repairs, and more. With 24/7 emergency service and the knowledge to handle just about any plumbing problem, there is no better choice than Sunshine Plumbing to fix your backed up toilet. Call 954-476-1695 to get a free estimate.

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