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Garbage Disposal Installation

Is your garbage disposal suddenly cantankerous, growling, gurgling and grumbling at you every time you switch it on?

Does it now refuse the refuse it once gobbled up so greedily?

Or has it simply come time to retire it for a newer, more efficient model?






 If you answered “yes” to any or all of these questions, then Sunshine Plumbing of South Florida Inc is your go to plumber for all your garbage disposal installation needs. 

A garbage disposal is a machine that is primarily used to shred food waste into super small pieces that won’t clog pipes. It’s smart to run your disposal regularly and to keep it clean. And it’s important to always run your disposal with running cold water, which solidifies any grease or oils so they can be ground too. Basically, the smartest rule of garbage disposal usage is don’t grind if it isn’t biodegradable.

A garbage disposal operates in a fairly straightforward manner. A high-torque, insulated electric motor spins a circular turntable mounted horizontally above it. This turntable is surrounded by a shredder ring, which has a number of sharp slots. The scraps of food sit on the turntable and, by means of centrifugal force, are propelled to its perimeter and through the shredder ring. The turntable uses swiveling lugs to assist the food waste through the shredder.







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